Water pipe leak repair

If you ever encounter pipe leak, don’t panic. Call a reliable plumber. They will advice you on the next course of action.

A water pipe leak can be an expensive and inconvenient hazard in a home or business if not identified and repaired early. It can lead to costly repairs, high water bills as well as significant property damage. Thus, it is important for you to understand what causes pipe leak, its early signs and when to call an emergency plumber.

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What causes pipe leak?

-High pressure.

Excessive water pressure can cause stress on your water pipe which eventually lead to leaks and burst pipes

-Broken or damaged seals

Seals are found mostly around sanitary appliances. Its purpose is to keep the connection watertight. These seals are subjected to wear and tear and can be damaged overtime. Any damage to the seals will compromise the watertightness and result in leaks.

-Water pipes corrosion

Water pipes rust over time. Corrosion causes the pipes to slowly get thinner until finally bursting open at the weakest point due to build up pressure. If you notice any discoloration or dripping coming from you copper or stainless-steel pipes or any warping, it’s time to call a reliable plumber.


Clogged or blocked pipes can cause pressure build-up of gunk and debris. This could lead to pipe burst.

-Tree roots

If you are living at a private or landed homes, this might be one of the reasons why you have a pipe leak. Under surface, a tree root can extend its way near and penetrate through your pipes causing it to leak.


-Damaged Joints

Pipe joints especially curved junction are where the turning point of water or wastewater flow and it is where the highest pressure is exerted making it the weakest point. This will overtime cause damage at the joint area resulting to leaks

How to know if I have a pipe leak?

-Pressure & visible water leaking

Low water pressure, a wet patch or sinkhole is an indicative of a pipe leak.

-High water bill

If your next bill comes up unusually high, it is highly likely that you have a pipe leak. Call an emergency plumber before the water bill skyrocket and risk further damage to property

-Meter running

Another method to know if you have a water pipe leak is to stop using water and check the water meter. If the water meter is still running when water is not in use, there might be water leakage somewhere.

-Inter-floor complain of water seepages

If one day your neighbour comes up to your unit and complain that there is water leaking above their ceiling and they have done checks to confirm it is not their unit, then you might have a leaking water within your premise. This kind of repair is not always straightforward and require professional and reliable plumber to spot the leak.

-Moulds on ceiling or walls

Mould on your ceiling is another indication that you have a water leak somewhere around the area. If you see mould, it’s important to act right away to prevent the problem from getting worse.


What to do if I have a pipe leak?

-Shut off the water valve

If you can trace and locate the source of pipe leak, look for the stop valve leading to the pipe and turn off the valve. If you are unable to locate the pipe leak, switch off the main valve at the water meter outside your premise to stop the leaking water.

-Call a plumber immediately

If you are not sure on how to repair, call an emergency plumber Singapore immediately to get your pipe fixed. Its best to get a professional and reliable plumber to fix the problem for you.


Estimated cost of repair

Pipe leak repair cost varies and largely depends on these few factors:

-Labour intensive

Concealed pipe leak and underground pipe leak will require more hours and manpower to complete the repair works

-Access area & Reinstatement Works

Hard to reach areas likes concealed pipe leak above ceiling will require plumber to cut a portion of an area for work access. Similarly, underground pipe leak will require them to drill or excavate. Additional works will be required to reinstate the affected area increasing the cost of repair.


It is important to get a licensed, reliable and recommended plumber Singapore to get pipe leak repair works done especially when it involves potable water. Avoid cheap plumber as not equipped with proper knowledge and skills to solve your plumbing issues. You may end up spending more on servicing than originally required.



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